Sustainability at HALCOR

We are committed to operating and growing following healthy business values and principles, implementing responsible practices. Our sustainability strategy revolves around three main pillars: Economy, Society and the Environment. HALCOR is an export orientated company that strives for responsible expansion, is focused on strengthening its customer-oriented approach and continually investing in research and development to carry on with innovative high-quality products and solutions. We are committed to protecting the environment, implementing responsible employment practices, as well as supporting and cooperating with our local communities.

HALCOR operates its Sustainability Policy in accordance with the Company's values of responsibility, integrity, transparency and innovation. Management is committed to sustainable development.

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Sustainability drives us to minimise our impacts and maximise our value. Focus on that, we integrate sustainable action into our business model.

sustainability business model

‘’We focus our attention on the most important sustainability issues’’

We use our materiality assessment to identify the issues that matter most to our business and stakeholders, and to better design our sustainability approach. We update our assessment regularly to make sure it reflects changes in our business and the external environment. The results from our latest assessment are presented to our materiality matrix.

sustainability business model


sustainability business model